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African International Achievers [AfIA] Awards is a not for profit program managed by NILE African Development [NAD] a not-for-profit organisation. The awards mission is to generate greater understanding of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), to galvanize public support for their achievement, and to honor exceptional efforts to achieve the goals.

Through our efforts we:

  • Shine a spotlight on those that are making exceptional progress and help generate public support for their projects.
  • Rally and provide support for those who need assistance
  • Highlight exemplars in the civil society community to promote the message that corporations and other organizations can "do well" by "doing good".
  • Recognize the efforts of individuals and the members of the NGO community that are making exceptional efforts to honor their commitment to help achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
  • Through recognition and fund development help support those smaller and individual efforts that are making an impact but do not have the reach to increase their success .

The African International Achievers [AfIA] Awards aim to:

Recognise, grow and nurture exceptional African individuals, groups, companies, institutions etc to enable them to achieve the greatest possible impact in their communities and also inspire more African people to become engaged in improving and create positive stories about Africa. These Awards are to demonstrate that there are people within our communities still achieving and are good role models. These awards are intended as incentives for many people in reaching their future GOALS and aimed at addressing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and try to make it happen that they may shine.

NAD & AfIA Goodwill Ambassador

NAD & AfIA Awards founding Goodwill Ambassador Pauline Long says: “As a Goodwill Ambassador for NAD, AfIA and Millennium Development Goal Awards, I intend to use my status as a public figure to bring attention to our intention and cause – necessary to make Africa and the world sustainable for all human kind”, “AfIA Awards are tremendously important as they shed light on those whose humanity leads a path against the inhumanity we see each day, and whose valiant efforts will one day change Africa and the world.”

The awards program - positioning itself as an annual “Oscars of Africa and world nations” will recognize individuals, organizations and nations most impacting the MDGs as established in 2000 by the United Nations. The eight goals are to be achieved by 2015 in response to the world’s primary development challenges. The organizers and now the inspired participants will continue to spread the message that the commitments of the nations of the world set forth in the MDGs must be fulfilled.

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